Build Process


We have been using and refining our spearguns since 1995 based on our experience oceanic hunting in the harshest conditions. Our requirements for a robust unit, reliable reloading, low maintenance and straight-shooting are built into every speargun. Computer graphic design tools are used to align every component into the entire build process and ensure consistency.


We use straight-lined quarter sawn responsibly sourced Burmese teak and high marine grade stainless steel. Our attention starts by selecting the raw timber before it is processed. All parts are individually measured and fitted by us in our workshop and certified against our production process standards. Stocks are numbered for future reference and tracking the life cycle of our product.


Each speargun is individually balanced and finished to ensure our end state represents the Collins & Co brand of quality. The spearguns will sit correctly in the water in either a loaded or released state. The teak will be oiled the shafts razor sharp. Our customers will be able to go from shop to ocean and use their speargun with confidence. All our spearguns are constructed in our workshop by the business owners.

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Collins and Co Big Game Spearguns Photos ┬ęchildsphotos @childsphotos

Collins and Co Big Game Spearguns Photos ┬ęchildsphotos @childsphotos