Expedition Series


Expedition Timber Speargun


  • Length: 154cm
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Open Water Shaft: 8.7mm x 1.55m
  • Reef Shaft : 8mm x 1.7m Double Flopper
  • Powerbands: 3 x 16 mm
  • Open Water Shooting Range: 26ft - 9 Strand SS Wire
  • Shooting Range: 22 ft - 400lb monofilament shooting line

About Expedition Series

This speargun is the result of a collaboration between Edgar Collins and Ian Puckeridge (7 x Australian Spearfishing Champion) and has been designed for versatility.

It's 154cm in length but has an extra kilogram in mass to support shooting either a reef setup with a 8mm double flopper shaft or an open water rig with an 8.7mm threaded shaft (both supplied in the sale package). 4 x 16mm bands will provide a range of 22ft to 26ft depending on whether you choose a reef or open-water setup.

Out of the water, the Collins & Co timber spearguns are noticeably heavy. In the water, this weight is perfectly balanced to reduce recoil, improve the transfer of power into the flight of the spear, and significantly improves accuracy and hitting power.

The Speargun feels weightless in the water yet the diver has a sense of confidence they have the right equipment.

Suppling serious spearfishing hunters with the best quality speargun is the passion of Collins & Co. The guys at Collins & Co use these guns exclusively and have done since 1995. They're so confident in what they've created that each spearfishing the package is backed by a lifetime warranty on stocks, wings, and components.

At the point of sale, each customer's details will be recorded so that Collins & Co can be contacted with any questions related to our products. In turn, we'll share any developments or technologies we incorporate as we move forward.

Expedition Timber Speargun Features:

  • Refined and perfected design: 30 years of experience in the water and perfecting refined timber speargun designs has led to the development of the Collins & Co range.
  • Quality Materials: Made from Burmese Teak, this gun is built to outlast you. High-grade marine metals will pass the test of time even in the harshest conditions.
  • Perfect Weighting: Noticeably heavy out of the water, but perfectly balanced beneath it. The gun's weight and wings act to give added accuracy, reduce recoil, and maximize power to the shaft when firing.
  • Personal Touch: When you invest in a quality Collins & Co speargun, you'll be looked after. Not only will you be able to contact the Collins & Co team for assistance, but they'll even keep you up to date with any developments or technology improvements.

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